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Die Casting Lubricants

Die Realasing Fluids | GRAPHACE

Die casting is a casting method in which molten metals under high pressure are poured into molds and hardened. Our GRAPHACE series of die casting mold releasing lubricants is crucial for releasing heated metals from their molds. GRAPHACE brand die lubricants are used in die cast machines to cast aluminum, magnesium, and zinc parts, which results in better quality parts, improvements to plant productivity and a better working environment.

Product No. kinematic viscosity mm2/s (40℃) viscosity mPa•s (30℃) Density g/cm3 Density g/cm3 Appearance Merit & Use pH Product Information
MS-1 5.1 0.98 White liquid Excellent seizure resistance. Available for wide range of machine size at high dilution. Also available as anti-seize agent at low dilution. 9.5
GL-6300 - 0.99 Milky white liquid It is a newly designed release agent considering the adhesion efficiency of release agent components. 9

Plunger Lubricants | NEOCASTER

During the die casting process, plunger lubricant is necessary to lubricate the sleeves and tips that force the molten metal into the molds. Our NEOCASTER brand plunger lubricant is used in the casting of aluminum parts for automobiles, motorcycles, mobile phones, and similar objects. Using the NEOCASTER plunger lubricant has proven to increase the life of the tip and the shot sleeve as well as improve the casting quality.

Product No. viscosity mPa•s (30℃) Density g/cm3 Flash point ℃ Appearance Merit & Use Product Information
PWS-850 1200 1.01 >200 Yellowish brown Good wettability to the metal surface. Stable lubricity at high temperature.
PW-50 1200 0.99 None Milky white liquid Available for small and midium-sized machine.
B-200R 2600 1.01 254 Black General purpose type.
RE-77 720 0.96 None Milky white liquid Suitable for small and medium-sized machine.


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