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Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic fluids are pressure transfer mediums used to transfer the energy stored by way of a hydraulic pump to the hydraulic actuators of cylinders, motors, and other similar devices. To provide precise, accurate, and stable operation of hydraulic equipment, these fluids must have lubricating properties, rust-prevention and corrosion-prevention properties, special temperature and viscosity properties, stability properties, foam suppression properties, and similar properties.

Among these products, HYDOL, our fire resistant hydraulic fluid, is used in hydraulic equipment such as die-cast machines used in the manufacturing of aluminum automotive parts, steel works, and presses. HYDOL protects plant equipment from fires.

Hydraulic Fluid | HYDOL HAW Series

For hydraulic equipment that handles melted metal such as steel working equipment and die-cast machines, a major fear is the hydraulic fluid catching on fire. To prevent plant fires before they happen, fire resistant hydraulic fluid, which does not catch on fire easily, is used. Among all fire resistant hydraulic fluids, water-glycol type hydraulic fluid exhibits excellent flame resistance as well as having a good balance among all other hydraulic fluid properties.
Product No. kinematic viscosity mm2/s (40℃) Appearance Merit & Use pH Pour point ℃ Product Information
HAW 51 Red clear liquid Water-glycol hydraulic fluid with a flame-retardant and high lubricity. Available in a high-pressure area of 14-25MP discharge pressure. 10.2 -47.5

Hydraulic Fluid | HYDOL AW Series

These products have excellent anti wear properties. A general use type, anti wear type, and high viscosity index type are available. Various viscosity grades are available for each type.
Product No. kinematic viscosity mm2/s (40℃) Appearance Merit & Use pH Pour point ℃ Product Information
AW-series Wear resistance hydraulic fluid.


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